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On the 26th September the Residents Charter will be presented to the Tower Hamlets Housing Forum

So what is this "Forum"? What does it do?

According to the Council Website..... 
Tower Hamlets Housing Forum (THHF) is a partnership between housing associations (registered providers) and the council. The housing associations work with the council to help deliver the housing vision set out in the housing strategy. They do this through a number of sub-groups and feed into Local Area Partnerships through community plan development groups.

Our Charter has now been presented to the Registered Providers which are members of Tower Hamlets Housing Forum, and are due to discuss whether they will adopt the Charter at their meeting on 26th September. The Federation has been invited to send representatives to the meeting and we await the outcome!

Well the revamped Housing Strategy (seems to be important according to the LBTH infographic above) and is being consulted on at the moment. You can have a say here on a short on-line form. Read the old one here.

Handy hint....some of the questions have an "other" option if the choices given do not apply to you so tick "other" and a litle box will apear allow you to give your answer.

LBTH is also required to produce a tenancy strategy as set out in the Localism Act which gained Royal Assent in November 2011. The tenancy strategy has to be published by January 2013.If the Council does not agree its tenancy strategy by this date, it will be in breach of the legislation.

When preparing this tenancy strategy LBTH must have regard to the London Housing Strategy . Registered Providers in the Borough are expected to have ‘due regard‘ to the tenancy strategy though bizarrely the Council has no specific powers and limited options if it decided to actively enforce its tenancy strategy upon any of its more wayward housing partners.

Download and read the Draft Strategy here and the Issues and Options Paper here.

East London Flower Show

Billed as the first flower show for Londoners in London. The East London Garden Society will be holding a flower show at Newham City Farm, Stansfield Road London E6 5LT. The public day is to be 16th September 2012 entry is 10.00.  Members and exhibitors 15th September 2012.
Map to venue here
and click here for travel options
Got some flowers or veg to show off contact
Exhibitors and members gain free entry.
Download ELGS September newsletter

Get up to 550 to help run your TRA

Tower Hamlets Homes TRA small grants programme for 2012 is now available.
The amount you receive will depend on the number of dwellings you and your association represent. You must also have held an AGM.
Read Tower Hamlets Homes Criteria for Recognising a TRA
For more details contact your Neighbourhood Engagement Officer on 020 7364 5015 Or email:
Download the application form here