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LBTH Council unites over delinquent landlord Eastend Homes Ltd

A quick post in relation to this evenings LBTH council meeting. A vote was taken at Council resulting in a unanimous passing of the following Emergency Motion.

Emergency Motion in relation item 5.1 on the agenda - Save Our Homes

Proposed by : Cllr Robbani
Seconded by : Cllr Suluk

The Council notes

  • The petition submitted by residents on Bruce, Bernard, Carter and Barnett Houses expressing strident opposition to the proposed demolition of their homes
  • The allegation by residents that East End Homes are in breach of the stock transfer agreement signed with the Council and considerable turnout at a march opposing demolition last week
  • The importance of consultation and involvement of residents in all decisions made that affect them

This Council believes

  • That where redevelopment occurs, it should always occur in the interests of residents
  • That the petition brought to Council and action by BBC Residents shows the strength of feeling and community among many residents on this estate

This Council resolves

  • To support the residents of Bruce, Bernard, Carter and Barnett Houses in asking thatEast End Homes sticks to the terms of the stock transfer agreement
  • To insist upon transparent and genuine consultation in keeping with government guidelines
  • To continue both supporting and holding to account all Social Landlords that we work with
  • To ask the Lead Member to meet with EEH and representatives of petitioners to discuss the situation

EEH demonstration holland

Holland - residents speak out!


Our social landlord is threatening to demolish our homes and destroy our community — we need your help!

Our estate is managed by Eastend Homes (EEH), a registered provider of social housing whose mission is to "provide a local housing service which meets the needs of all residents".

EEH, without any resident consultation at all to date, has a clear intention to demolish our estate. Since serving a demolition notice in March 2014 they have ploughed on with their plans and feasibility studies despite the fact that the Estate Management Board opposed the option to demolish by a majority vote in December 2014, and the fact that the majority of estate residents are strongly against demolition, as recorded in a petition signed by 66% of residents. EEH are supposed to be a social landlord, with a duty to serve residents and the community, but their demolition plans instead threaten to destroy our homes and community.

Our homes are well built and of solid construction, just in need of repairs and refurbishment. Our strong and vibrant community cuts across ethnic, cultural, faith, age and class boundaries. What gives EEH the right to destroy all this? Why would EEH want to destroy all this?

Our Demands

We the residents of Holland Estate want Eastend Homes to

  • Refurbish our estate and carry out all the qualifying works as stated in the development agreement of the original transfer of Holland Estate to Eastend Homes from Tower Hamlets Council on 13 November 2006.
  • Properly manage and maintain our estate going forward with no more excuses for letting the housing stock fall into disrepair.
  • Stop the Redevelopment Feasibility Study immediately as the overwhelming majority of residents and the Holland Estate Board oppose demolition.
  • Allow residents a proper voice in what happens to their estate by holding resident referendums on such important matters as potential demolition.


In 2006 EEH took on the freehold and management of our estate from tower Hamlets Council under a stock transfer agreement. We believe that the EEH have not met their responsibilities under the terms and spirit of this agreement as outlined in the 34 clauses ofthe main documents which they signed back in 2006.

”Housing Choice scheme and ’DecentHomes’standard: Phase 1: Internal improvements to be completed by 2010. Phase 2: estate-wide external renovation and improvement works be completed 2012."

EEH have flouted the promise to make improvements to the Holland Estate, particularly in relation to the Phase 2 external renovation. Despite this blatant disregard, the company has a clear intention to now demolish our homes, with the argument that the buildings are now unfit for purpose. Since demolition is opposed by the majority of residents, we are left asking what purpose it could serve.

Are EEH, at the expense of its residents, merely taking advantage of an opportunity to generate a substantial profit due to escalating land values in the area?

We fully oppose and will fight against this. EEH is behaving as a commercial and not social landlord. There was no consultation whatsoever before being given the notice of intention to demolish. There is no guarantee that residents — both tenants and leaseholders — will be able to remain in their home and community after redevelopment.

Do you think that it is the right approach by East End Homes to deal with our housing stock and the local residents in such irresponsible way? Their demolition plans are clearly not aimed at creating more social housing — as is their responsibility as RSL and as stated in the stock transfer document. Instead, these plans will result in the break up of a strong multi cultural and generational community and their homes. This from a company with a long track record of being unreliable, untrustworthy and non—transparent.

For tenants there is no guarantee of rehousing in the immediate area after demolition. For leaseholders, demolition could result in a Compulsory Purchase Order, a pretty draconian power as it deprives people of their property if not their homes. How does this sit with all the new Human Rights Act legislation?

The buildings on our estate are 85 years old, of solid construction, with generous and well proportioned interior space. The blocks are just in need of the refurbishment which EEH has failed to provide since they took on the freehold. We believe this would be cheaper and less painful and destructive than redevelopment. Despite paying lip service to considering this option we have yet to see any evidence that EEH have seriously thought this option through. Rather, most of their (scant) communications to us have been a poorly disguised attempt to spin the case in favour of demolition.

The site is at the edge of 5 conservation areas whom we suspect will not be happy to have another 25 story identikit plastic high rise on their doorstep, highly likely sold to buy—to—leave ghost owners. These are the Wentworth Street Conservation Area, Artillery Passage Conservation Area, Fournier Street and Brick Lane Conservation Area, Whitechapel High Street Conservation Area and Elder Street Conservation Area.

The option of demolishing the nearby site of Herbert and Jacobson Houses (also under EEH management) was rejected. What were the grounds for this?

Eastend Homes - Glamis Estate issues

glamis eastend homes unlawful activity It seems Eastend Homes Ltd are yet again disregarding the duty they have to residents. Now on Glamis.... a resident writes.

I hope that you will all concur that a Construction Management Plan(CMP) is put into place to protect affected residents and the environment. EastEndHomes(EEH) and its developers appear to have made an unholy alliance whereby they truly believe they do not have to comply with a CMP. Already on the Glamis Estate Planning Control have stopped worked twice due to Telfords breaking the CMP without even a brick being laid.

Recently there has been fury at Glamis Estate Board(GEB) meetings because EEH, without prior consultation, decided to let 10 garage spaces for Telfords contractors. Residents and the GEB are furious as:-

(1)These spaces are being let for less than residents pay.

(2) Residents are worried that their security will be compromised.

(3) EEH have informed the GEB that the income will be "ring-fenced" for the Glamis Estate, but cannot guarantee it.

The CMP is clear regarding construction parking on the Glamis Estate.

Yesterday (23/10/14), yet again, the CMP was broken. Please find attached photographic evidence. Therefore, we must ask, at what point do EEH, Telfords, TH planning department and Councillors actually care about the good residents of the Glamis Estate?

Jeremy Brett – Telford Homes told the Glamis Estate Management Board earlier this year that workers would use public transport but there would be some cars on site when people came for meetings etc, these were anticipated at approximately four per day and would be parked within the site compound. So much for that little deception then.

The LBTH Enforcement Team are now looking into this further transgression - would be an interesting little exercise to catalogue the number of investigations the Enforcement Team has had to make into this organisation. Plus of course Environmental Health oversights.

Eastend Homes Ltd and Data Protection

Eastend Homes Ltd have a long and glorious history of ineptitude in a variety of areas, In fact an inebriation session in a fermentation station seems out of their skills envelope at times. Not to mention planning law and the inability to add up the true number of social homes provided on estates they develop. Also the open space calculations on their developements on our estates do have an element of smoke and mirrors invloved, but more of this later.

Now they are playing fast and free with residents personal data. Data protected under the data protection act.

They have been sending out Service Charge bills for a number of blocks to one address. So all personal data goes to one address! See the letter below and if you have any further news about this data breach please let us know at


Tayside House

31 Pepper Street
E14 9RP
Tel 020 7517 0424

13 October 2014


Please be aware that an error was recently identified with Service Charge Letters sent on Wednesday 8th October on behalf of East End Homes Ltd. This error has resulted in Letters for recipients with the same postcode being combined into one envelope and received by one recipient. 
In this instance, your Service Charge Letter was incorrectly combined into an envelope addressed to another recipient who shares your postcode. Please be assured that this recipient has been informed of the error and has been instructed to disregard any Service Charge Letters they receive which do not specifically pertain to them. 
You will now find your Service Charge Letter enclosed. Please accept our sincere apologies and rest assured that this error has been rectified and prevented from reoccurring going forward. 
Should you have any further questions regarding this matter, please use the contact details above. 
Kind Regards, 
Beverley Hinds 

Building work planned on Glamis Estate

Midday update 19th Febuary 2014

It seems that after a meeting today the LBTH Planning and Building Control people stopped the serial planning law offenders Eastend Homes Ltd from further unlawful work on the Glamis Estate.


Update 18th Febuary 2014

The Council have written to Eastend Homes Ltd and told them to stop works at Glamis

They will then proactively monitor the construction process through their enforcement team to ensure EEH are complying with the approved details throughout the construction process.

Eastend Homes Ltd and their contractors have a history of ignoring planning law and undermining public confidence in the planning system - read what Owen Whalley (LBTH Head of Planning) wrote in 2010.

See the full text from LBTH in the comments at bottom of article

Open letter to Mark Parker, Group Managing Director, Telford Homes
Dear Mark Parker

You came to a residents' meeting some time ago in Glamis Hall to talk to us about the development you were planning with EastendHomes for the site on the corner of King David Lane and the Highway in E1W.

mac ogg video converter by v2.1

We have been waiting for information about your Construction Management Plan, as many residents were concerned about how they would be affected by building works being carried out very close to their homes.  You may know that Eastendhomes promised us that we would be consulted on the practical building programme for any work undertaken on Glamis Estate.

We therefore feel extremely let down and very angry that your contractors have started work before anything has been discussed with us or we could comment on the practicality of your proposals. The Construction Management Plan your Agents submitted to Tower Hamlets planning department has not been approved. Your contractors are therefore in breach of the Conditions on your planning consent.

This is not the first time that EastendHomes residents have had reason to complain about Telford Homes breaching the terms of planning consents in carrying out developments on our estates. Would you please send someone to our next residents' meeting this Wednesday 19th February to apologise to residents and explain how you intend to rectify this completely unacceptable state of affairs.

With thanks

Glamis Estate Residents

Eastend Homes Annual Report 2013 - out now!

Eastend Homes Annual Report 2013


Droping through your door as we write here at will be your cuddly Eastend Homes annual report.

At first glance it seems we have the normal high on gloss but low on real information brochure we have become accustomed to. Download it here

More to come but feel free to comment here on the (you will not get much joy from the official website as it is stuffed and has been since around May 2013). Apart from the single update on 10th September when they attempted to rewrite the past and give the impression that the website was functional....... see Eastend Homes PR blunder - they try to re-write the past!

Are residents bored with boards - or do they just not get a look in?

On Wednesday evening, I listened while seven white British local estate board members and four white British members of EeH' staff expressed or condoned/did not challenge views concerning the undesirability of encouraging the participation on the local estate board of residents from minority ethnic groups.

This was on the grounds that anyone with limited English was incapable of contributing appropriately to estate board meetings and decisions about the estate and residents' homes and neighbourhood.

The comments arose from discussion about the wording of the notice of the upcoming AGM of the local Estate Management Board, when all estate residents are entitled to attend and vote in the elections for places on the estate board.

My fellow white British Board members, who currently outnumber BME members by 9 to 3, dismissed the idea of

Eastend Homes PR blunder - they try to re-write the past!

So residents can be comforted - yes it's (dodgy) business as usual


Apologies for the delays in updating our website
Article Date 02/09/2013 09:00 PM  EastendHomes_porky_lies Published 10th September 2013

Annual Resident Open Day
Article Date 26/08/2013 09:00 AM  EastendHomes_porky_lies Published 10th September 2013

EastendHomes AGM
Article Date 22/08/2013 09:00 AM EastendHomes_porky_lies Published 10th September 2013

You can now pay by mobile app


Article Date 28/05/2013 16:00 PM

EEH Image

EEH Image

EEH Image

Above is how the "EEH News page" looked this weekend (w/e 13th September 2013).

From the entries you would imagine that they have been strugling with IT devils to keep us updated. Fighting against the odds to get the news out about the "fun day" and giving us a full months warning about the invitation to the AGM. This is all complete toss.....!

Eastend Homes Ltd can be dodgy mustards who sometimes present residents and any regulatory bodies that may still exist with their dentures intact a whitewash of untruth. Their latest example can be seen on the Eastend Homes Ltd website. In a PR blunder they try to re-write the past.

During a "you could not make it up" moment (but they did make it up) they took the time to post an event that had already taken place, the "fun day" on the 29th August and then doctored the date of publication to give the appearance of a timely post.

They also posted the exciting news that residents could attend the Annual General Meeting on the 23rd September. The publication date for this was wound back to 22nd August. Presumably to give the impression to any resident/company member or even the HCA that suitable notice has been given. All three of the news posts published since the web-site went down were posted 10th September and the publishing dates changed manually. (see log below)

View changes:  2013-09-11 00:51    16 new words, 16 deleted words, 7% change   
... Skip to content News EastendHomes AGM Apologies for the delays in updating our website Article Date 2202/0809/2013 09:00 AMPM Annual Resident Open Day ... /2013 09:00 AM Apologies for the delays in updating our website EastendHomes AGM Article Date0222/0908/2013 09:00 PM AM You can now pay   

View changes:  2013-09-10 00:51    42 new words, 55 deleted words, 21% change   
... Skip to content News EastendHomes AGM Article Date 22/08/2013 09:00 AM Annual Resident Open Day Article Date 26/08/2013 09:00 AM Apologies for the delays in updating our website Article Date 02/09/2013 09:00 PM You can now pay ... /2012 12:00 PM Have Your Say on how homes are let in Tower Hamlets Article Date 16/11/2012 15:00 PM Capital Growth ... garden Article Date 13/11/2012 10:00 AM Money Matters Month Article Date 02/11/2012 09:00 AM ... 

Logs above provided by
cg_logo show changes made on 10th and 11th September when the links appeared on the news page (full logs here and here) See also a snap shot of the EEH site below recorded and cached by Google on 30th August - No sign of the items allegedly posted in the past.


Google cache 30th August - no updates - no porkies
When you are in a hole.... stop digging!

Eastend Homes do apologise for the lack of activity on their websites which is fine. Stuff happens.

But why do they bother to try and cover up the cock up by falsifying web entries.

Have you seen a hedgehog?

HCA puts spotlight on long-standing board member issues

Gathering DustTheir is some debate going on within the housing provider industry about the amount of time members should serve on housing association boards.

In a "too little too late" statement Matthew Harrison, chief executive of Great Places Housing Group said  ‘It is good practice to have board renewal, it is about ensuring the board is able to appropriately challenge the executive and do its job properly rather than board members becoming part of the furniture’

Well he should know as the board of Great Places recently aproved a payment to Mr Harrison's predecessor Stephen Porter of £449,000 upon his voluntary retirement.

After this trouser bulging payment the sector’s reputation is in jeopardy.

Ex chief executive Mr Porter is following a well-trodden lucrative gravy train: Bill Payne (ex chief executive of Metropolitan) received £412,000 when he left his post in 2011; and Alan Walker (ex chief executive of A2 Housing Group) received a £648,000 when he departed in 2007.

So how did this come about? The housing regulator (HCA) pointed to a lack of challenge from the board ‘compounded by close working relationships… formed as a result of the long service of a number of board members’. Julian Ashby, chair of the HCA’s regulation committee said 'The problem is even worse when there is a combination of long-standing board members and long-standing executives'.

David Orr, chief executive of the National Housing Federation, urged boards to look at their code of governance to avoid similar situations.

The regulator is taking a firm approach to avoid a debacle like the Great Places pay-off happening again, housing associations will now come under pressure from both the HCA and the the National Housing Federation to ensure board members do not serve for long periods.

So how is Eastend Homes Ltd board shaping up to the recomendation that members should not serve more than 9 years? Something does appear to be happening at the top.  On the day of the "Residents Open Day", the appointments of Motin Uz-Zaman and Desmond Ellerbeck were terminated. Motin Uz-Zaman (a local councillor) has been on the board since 2004. So that leaves four further board members who should therefore be making a graceful exit at the next AGM this September:

  • Tom Madden - appointed 20/09/2004
  • Mary Nepstad - appointed 7/12/2004
  • Bernie Cameron - appointed 7/12/2004
  • Martin Young - appointed 7/12/2004
  • Motin Uz Zaman - appointed 7/12/2004 - already terminated on 29/8/2013

....and next year Directors appointed in 2005 would have to stand down - ie

  • Neil MCaree - appointed 10/03/2005
  • Lesley Johnson - appointed 10/03/2005

So can we look forward to a board member recruitment drive? A reboot at the top?

Consultation on Changes to EastendHomes’ Mem & Arts

In the absence of any information on this from EeH, its website having been down for the past month ( see here

Here are some comments and queries. EeH’ current Articles end with a two page section on:


Article 59. In accordance with EeH’ (the Community Trust’s) purpose, EeH (the Community Trust) will at all times have in place and operate the following:
1) a strategy and programme to secure the widest possible community involvement in EeH (the Community Trust)
2) a strategy and programme for community development, training and communication for the purpose of the following articles;
3) a procedure for Local Estates (Local Community Areas) to communicate their wishes and aspirations

Article 60. (If local devolved management of an Estate (a Local Community Area) is desired, this shall be through the establishment of a Local Community Trust which shall have a constitution approved by EeH (the Community Trust) and which shall accede to the Intragroup Agreement on terms agreed by EeH (the Community Trust.)

It looks very much as though EeH’ Constitution accords residents the right to ‘self determination’ in a similar sense to that in International Law and the Convention on Human Rights

Cf Woodrow Wilson with his famous self-determination speech on 11 February 1918

"National aspirations must be respected; people may now be dominated and governed only by their own consent.  Self determination is not a mere phrase; it is an imperative principle of action……"

By failing to put in place any of the required programmes, strategies and procedures to fulfill its obligations, both to residents and Tower Hamlets Council, with respect to devolution and community empowerment, it looks very much as though EeH has acted in breach of its Mem & Arts and has violated residents’ rights under its constitution.

What is going on? Why has EeH Board acted in breach of EeH’ Mem & Arts? Why has the Council allowed this to happen? And what does the Council intend to do about it now?

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