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Building work planned on Glamis Estate

Midday update 19th Febuary 2014

It seems that after a meeting today the LBTH Planning and Building Control people stopped the serial planning law offenders Eastend Homes Ltd from further unlawful work on the Glamis Estate.


Update 18th Febuary 2014

The Council have written to Eastend Homes Ltd and told them to stop works at Glamis

They will then proactively monitor the construction process through their enforcement team to ensure EEH are complying with the approved details throughout the construction process.

Eastend Homes Ltd and their contractors have a history of ignoring planning law and undermining public confidence in the planning system - read what Owen Whalley (LBTH Head of Planning) wrote in 2010.

See the full text from LBTH in the comments at bottom of article

Open letter to Mark Parker, Group Managing Director, Telford Homes
Dear Mark Parker

You came to a residents' meeting some time ago in Glamis Hall to talk to us about the development you were planning with EastendHomes for the site on the corner of King David Lane and the Highway in E1W.

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We have been waiting for information about your Construction Management Plan, as many residents were concerned about how they would be affected by building works being carried out very close to their homes.  You may know that Eastendhomes promised us that we would be consulted on the practical building programme for any work undertaken on Glamis Estate.

We therefore feel extremely let down and very angry that your contractors have started work before anything has been discussed with us or we could comment on the practicality of your proposals. The Construction Management Plan your Agents submitted to Tower Hamlets planning department has not been approved. Your contractors are therefore in breach of the Conditions on your planning consent.

This is not the first time that EastendHomes residents have had reason to complain about Telford Homes breaching the terms of planning consents in carrying out developments on our estates. Would you please send someone to our next residents' meeting this Wednesday 19th February to apologise to residents and explain how you intend to rectify this completely unacceptable state of affairs.

With thanks

Glamis Estate Residents

Planning is the most

Planning is the most important part of any work we do. Without a proper plan there will be a futile effort and no result at all.

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Response from LBTH

Here is the Council’s response to the issue we reported yesterday.

The issue here is that East End Homes have commenced demolition prior to a decision on their pre-commencement condition requiring the local authority to agree a construction management plan.

Their application to discharge the condition was submitted on 20 January and we have until 17 March to determine it. We rely heavily on the views of colleagues in Highways for this type of condition and the case officer is currently chasing them. We have been promised a response today.

Technically EEH are in breach of the condition. We have written to them and told them to stop works until a determination has been made. We will speed this up as soon as all the information arrives but I am keeping an eye on this. Once consent is given, we will agree a construction management plan with EEH. We will then proactively monitor the construction process through our enforcement team to ensure EEH are complying with the approved details throughout the construction process.

Building work

Does the Party Wall Act apply to this as it looks very close to the existing building?

The Party Wall Act 1996 provides a framework for preventing and resolving disputes in relation to party walls, boundary walls and excavations near neighbouring buildings.

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