NEWSFLASH – Saturday 5th February 2011




We understand that the Council’s designation of the Limehouse Cut Conservation Area is to be quashed by Lord Justice Ouseley, and that the date of the order is to be decided in the High Court on Wednesday 9 February.


Ten of us were photographed outside the Town Hall on the first day of the Inquiry, Tuesday 1 February. Thank you, Carmen, for superb placards and posters, and Joe, the photographer from the East London Advertiser. Hopefully, his excellent photograph will be used in a future issue.

Tom Ridge spoke for about 45 minutes on Wednesday 2 February, mostly about the history and architecture of the former Poplar Employment Exchange. On Thursday 3 February: Brian Nicholson (Stepney Historical Trust) spoke about the exchange, which was known as the “stack of bricks”; Del Brenner (Region’s Network) presented a proof of evidence on the proper use of waterways; Tom Ridge was allowed to cross-examine the architect; and Cllr. Stephanie Eaton joined us for most of the day. On Friday 4 February, Tom Ridge cross-examined the planning consultant; and in the afternoon, the Council and Telereal Trillium’s representatives agreed on most of the conditions to be attached to any planning permission for demolition and replacement.

The Inquiry continues on Tuesday 8 February, when the Inspector visits 307 Burdett Road and vicinity. She will see inside the building with two people from the Council and two Telereal Trillium representatives. Public not allowed inside, but we can follow the Inspector for the rest of her site visit. No placards or posters, please – a quiet group will be more effective at this stage.

The Inquiry continues in the Council Chamber at the Town Hall from 12 pm onwards for final submissions from the main parties. The Inspector is kindly allowing me to speak for 10-15 minutes – please attend if you can, it does help.


Thank you, East London Advertiser, for including most of the text from olympic legacy or olympic rip-off (Newsletter No. 7) in your Thursday, 3 February 2011 issue. The article is on the “In our view” on page 20. (read it here)

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