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  1. In Hornsey, a later gasholder by local makers Samuel Cutler & Sons has been retained in a development, after first being threatened with demolition. Local people and the Victorian Society campaigned for years for Cutler’s Hornsey gasholder and now, it is being marketed in the Evening Standard as an asset to National Grid’s development: “Clarendon Square”. Their June 2014 article mentions Clarendon Square and extols the virtues of retaining these great architectural and historic structures in the development of former Victorian gasworks, all over London. These are the brownfield sites that the London Mayor and the Chancellor are fast tracking for development. Why can’t the East End be treated as these other London sites, where the gasholders are deemed an asset? Also, as there is to be a park here, this is a perfect location. Here is the article in the Standard as “470 acres of prime London land will be freed up for the construction of 17,000 new homes as Victorian gasworks become things of beauty.” http://www.homesandproperty.co.uk/property-news/new-homes/industrial-chic-17000-new-homes-be-built-londons-disused-industrial-sites

  2. These are an iconic piece of our industrial heritage and skyline. It is important they are preserved and adapted to a modern use.

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